My favourite place

When I upped sticks and moved to university, my Dad followed suit, although he decided to move half way round the world to Mexico and not just a 4 hour drive up the M6 to Lancaster. Whilst it’s hard having family so far away, it also provides the perfect place for yearly holidays, even if I do joke to my friends that visiting family doesn’t count as a holiday.


Before my Dad moved I had never been outside of Europe (although this wasn’t for a lack of trying) and even though I go to Mexico every year now, every year it’s different. It might be the sense of familiarity that I love, I have my own room in my Dad’s house and no worries over if there will be wifi, but Mexico does also have a special kind of charm.


Firstly, the people, who are probably the most open and friendly group of people you could come across. Obviously, this is a generalisation, and I’m still not sure whether people are happy to meet me or just laughing at my very broken Spanish, but something about being in Mexico just makes you happy.


Next, lets talk food, and lots of it. It’s fair to say that traditional Mexican food isn’t the healthiest, and the word vegetarian definitely doesn’t exist, but if you love spice and stodge, then you’ll join me in food heaven. One of my favourite dishes is sopes, which is just simply tortilla, refried beans, lettuce and chilli sauce, super yummy and super filling. Visiting Mexico has also opened up my eyes to Salsa Valentina – a chilli sauce you have with crisps and lemon juice. If you like spice like me, you’ll become an addict – I now have to make sure my luggage is light enough to have space to take enough home with me!

Lastly, we come to sights. There’s no shortage of things to see in Mexico, from magnificent mountains to Aztec ruins, there will always be something to do depending on how you’re feeling. Also, the weather is pretty brilliant pretty much all the time, perfect for lazy days reading a book by the pool.

For me, Mexico will probably always be somewhere I return to, at least while my Dad is there. It gives me a holiday without the actual stress of organising a holiday, a home from home. Does anyone else have a place like this that they love for its familiarity? Let me know 🙂



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