Timehop woes – Iceland reminiscing

So, I love Timehop and looking back on what I was upto, but sometimes, like when you’re stuck at home doing nothing while your past self was having the best time, it really does suck. This is the current state I’m in, where this time 2 years ago I was on the most incredible trip to Iceland, while currently I’m sat in bed eating ice cream straight from the tub… With this, I decided I’d do a wee blog post sharing some of my experiences in Iceland, why it was so incredible but also why I’ll probably not be heading back.

So lets start with the good stuff. We’re talking volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Iceland truly was a geographers paradise (so much so that my trip there was actually a fieldtrip!) One of my favourite ever days has to be when we visited Jökulsárlón, an incredible glacial lake with actual real life ice bergs!!! Yes, I was very excited. It was honestly one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I’d ever been too and if life couldn’t get any better, there were also seals (need I say more!)

Other incredible activities included hiking up a glacier (crampons and everything), visiting blue lagoon, watching geysers and walking under countless waterfalls, everyday was truly incredible and an experience I’m so happy I had.

So, now you’ll probably want to hear why I’m not planning on heading back anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, Iceland was incredible (even if it was a touch on the expensive side), and it really was a once in a lifetime trip. But that’s the thing, ‘once’ in a lifetime and I feel like I’ve done it now. It’s not like a beach holiday where you go to chill out and switch off, I kind of seen Iceland now and want my breath to be taken away in somewhere new. And also please don’t think I think I saw everything there is to see in Iceland, I know there’s so much more, but I also certainly saw a lot and think I’d be disappointed if I went back already having experienced how spectacular it was.

Another thing is that beyond the big sites, all the waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes (of which there certainly are a lot), Iceland was a bit dreary and empty and just generally grey, although obviously visiting in winter would be a whole other story… I think it’s just more that it was such a different type of holiday, where on these tour style holidays, I’m keen to go see other places afterwards and experience them, rather than going back to the old.

Does anyone else feel like this with particular places? Where sometimes it’s just too good to go back? Let me know your thoughts and if you’re currently getting Timehop envy of your past self!



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