Why I love autumn

And no, it’s not because of Halloween…


  1. Cold, dark nights

There’s just something so cosy about being all cwtched up in bed when the weather outside is truly miserable. I get so into candles, hot chocolate and onesies in autumn and LOVE IT.

  1. Crisp mornings

I know this post is already making me sound like a sun hater, but please don’t get me wrong, I love the warmth of sunny summers day, but I do get sick of it as soon as it turns September 1st and really do look forward to an Autumn chill, especially when the skies are blue and there’s a crisp on the ground.


  1. It’s not actually that cold…

I promise I’m not obsessed with the weather, but it is true, Autumn provides that perfect in between to snuggling up in a massive scarf and not freezing your toes off. Perfect!

  1. The colours.

Reds, oranges, bronzes… Need I say more… Autumn is just beautiful!


  1. THE HAT

Yes, I have an autumn hat which is completely impractical but I love it. Everyone has an item of clothing they can’t wait to wear with the change in seasons and for me it’s a good ol’ floppy hat. It’s not just the hat though, I love getting back into all of my autumn clothes for another season of tights, scarfs and my trusty Chelsea boots.


  1. All the comfort food

With the change in seasons we can also say goodbye to salads and hello to soups, pies and everything hearty. There’s nothing I love more than a bit of stodge in my diet and with the cold and all that, there couldn’t be a more perfect excuse.


Like I said, when it comes to Halloween, I can take it or leave it, but I definitely do love that autumn is the gateway to Christmas and the most magical time of the year!


What are everyone else’s favourite things about Autumn? I’d love to hear what you all most look forward to with the change in season!



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