A very autumnal weekend in London

Last weekend I packed up my bags for a little mini trip to London to visit some friends. Not only was it great catching up but I also loved seeing a new part of London (how beautiful is Wimbledon?!) The weather was also incredibly cold, crisp and beautiful (forgetting about the freezing rain on Sunday afternoon), meaning I got to rock my Winter warmers all weekend. It was definitely pretty knackering finishing a week of work, to jump straight on a train and have a jam packed weekend, but I also definitely loved every moment.

On Saturday, we went for a stroll on Wimbledon Common (where I somehow managed to flick dog poo into my shoe…), ate some incredible food at Bill’s Canteen and watched the most amazing fireworks at Battersea Park.

Wimbledon Common – Taken at the scene of the dog poo crime.
Officially the most incredible donuts!
Shortly followed by officially the most incredible fireworks!

On the Sunday, I also got to meet up with one of my old housemates from University, and even though we spent most of our time chatting over lunch, I had my first Christmas Costa of the year (!), lugged myself up to the top of the memorial to the Great Fire of London and even had an ad hoc visit to the Met while escaping the freezing cold rain.

View from the top of the memorial to the Great Fire of London – not bad for £3!
Snap taken while walking across the ‘Harry Potter’ bridge. Definitely got way too excited..

I’m definitely looking forward to a bit more of a chilled out few days this weekend but I also think it’s so important to put the time and energy into making sure you don’t lose touch with close friends, even when you’re so far apart, plus I really did have so much fun!

Hope everyone is loving Autumn as much as me!



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