Christmastime in New York

So I know this is a bit late coming, but I was just enjoying doing nothing too much at Christmas to post about my trip and have finally decided it was time to write about my pre-Christmas week in New York…

So, why New York? (As if the answer isn’t obvious enough)

Ever since I was tiny I’d always dreamt of going to New York at Christmas. Last year (or last last year considering we’re now in 2017..!) my Dad decided it would be a perfect opportunity to go on holiday together and I certainly wasn’t going to say no. My Dad lives in Mexico and he knows I would never touch foot in a hot country during the Christmas period, and New York is surprisingly almost half way between him and me, so win win! We loved it so much that we decided to return this year, with boyfriend in tow, to re-live the Christmassy dream.


What did we do?

From ice skating in central park to actually visiting Santa in Macy’s (no shame), I was determined to make this the most Christmassy week possible. We decided to get the CityPass this time and it certainly made visiting all the big sites a lot easier (and cheaper!) Highlights were definitely the view from the Top of the Rock – which is definitely a way better viewing platform than the Empire State Building, playing in Central Park in the snow (!!!!!) and wondering past the most incredible Christmas window displays that definitely put anything back home to shame.

When two 22 year olds visit Santa #noshame


We also managed to squeeze in viewing the city at night from the Empire State building, where I literally could have stood for hours watching the city go by (if it weren’t -8 degrees..) and eating bagels and drinking mulled cider on an almost daily basis. We also decided to go on a cruise of the whole island instead of stopping off to see the Statue of Liberty, which turned out to be a way better option as it meant we still got to see Liberty, but weren’t faced with the hours of queuing, and also got to see beyond Manhattan.


As you can probably see from the photos, we were incredibly lucky with the weather! Give me cold, crisp, sunny days any day over drizzly England!

What did we eat?

Now this is where it gets a bit odd… My Dad and I are both vegetarian, so all things meaty were out. When we visited in 2015, we stumbled across this tiny curry place, and my Dad who can’t get curry in Mexico, was very keen to give it a try. It doesn’t look like much, if anything it looks like the sort of place you might avoid, but it certainly is one of the best curry places I’ve ever been to. You also definitely cannot argue with the price at $8 for 3 curries and rice.

I did feel bad for said boyfriend though for not getting the true American food experience, so we hunted down this diner style fast food place which just happened to serve the BEST milkshakes and parmesan fries, and got pancakes for breakfast wherever possible (apart from when avocado on toast was on offer and i just couldn’t resist.)


What didn’t we do?

I think anyone who’s been to New York will agree that there’s just too much to squeeze into 5 days. We’d have loved to have taken a day trip to Boston, visited the legendary Christmas displays in Brooklyn and hired bikes to ride around Central Park, but you can’t do everything and there’s always next year!

That said, I think i managed to drag both Dad and boyfriend to the Saks display every night bar one (nothing like getting your priorities straight…) Although definitely Youtube the display in the lead up to Christmas 2017, it’s incredible!


Luckily for me visiting New York in December is becoming a bit of a tradition and I think it will always be special as it’s the only chance I get to see my Dad during the winter. I know this wasn’t the coolest of edgiest of holidays, but what holiday really is beyond the instagram pics? Does anyone else have any special holiday destinations like this? What recommendations would you have if we went next year? How about other ‘must-see’ US cities? Comment below with what else you’d like to know about our trip.



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