Escaping to the Peak District

For mine and my boyfriend’s 4 year anniversary, we decided to escape to the Peak District, somewhere I’d never been before! This decision was also of course helped by a Red Letter Days 3 course gift experience at the Mosborough Hall Hotel, giving us double incentive to burn off all the calories in the day, only to consume then all again (and double) with a delicious meal and lots of wine.

I personally love walking in the countryside, even if the weather isn’t the best (see evidence below). It’s great to just escape technology (whilst out walking anyway) and actually talk..!

So, what were the highlights of the weekend?

  1. The scenery – because who can argue with how beautiful it is?
  2. Testing my balance on a particularly muddy path and looking a right idiot in doing so.
  3. THE FOOD – Our hotel was super pretty and certainly know what good food is.
  4. The fact that only in Britain would you find an ice cream van on top of a freezing mountain in the middle of January.

    Who says it’s ever too cold for ice cream?

Hope you enjoyed some snippets of our weekend away, who loves getting out and about in the countryside? Does anyone have any Peak District recommendations for when we inevitably go back? Let me know!



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