A day at the seaside

Myself and my boyfriend were at a bit of a loss to do this weekend. We’d intended on heading to the Peak District but there was some pretty bad weather forecast, so naturally we stayed in right? Wrong… Bad weather forecast obviously means ‘Let’s go to the seaside!’

All jokes aside, we were actually incredibly lucky and despite some pretty strong wind, our gamble paid off and we were greeted by beautiful sunshine when we headed to Formby on Sunday. My face almost felt warm at times so dare I say that Spring is in the air?

It was my first time heading to Formby and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It’s a National Trust site, so I not only got the chance to utilise my membership for free parking, but it also doubled up as a red squirrel reserve. I got so excited about seeing a red squirrel in the wild for the very first time that I made my boyfriend wait for at least 20 minutes while I attempted to get the perfect photo. Disappointingly, my photographic skills never quite warrant the effort, but I still love to try..

Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the British seaside if we didn’t have an ice cream. Even though we were wrapped up in our hats and thick coats, my mantra in life is that it’s never too cold for ice cream, so obviously I was very excited when I saw an ice cream truck pulled up.

It was my first trip to the seaside this year and in probably almost a year – I’d definitely missed it. Even though it wasn’t exactly sun bathing weather, just walking along the sand (/playing in the sea), with that ever so cold sea breeze in my face made for a lovely day out. It’s about a 40-minute drive away so not exactly around the corner, but also definitely close enough for a more than ‘once a year’ visit.

Graceful as ever

Who else loves going to the seaside? Does anyone agree that it’s never too cold for ice cream? Anyone else get a little overexcited like me when they see the sea? Let me know!



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