Yes, bank holidays do become exciting when you work…

Hands up if you, like me, have spent your whole life so far not being able to fully enjoy a bank holiday? Yes, students do get a lot of time off. Yes, students don’t work a lot of the time. Yes, if we’d spent less nights too drunk to care we probably wouldn’t be in the revision hell hole that conspires most bank holidays.

What’s the big deal? Well, bank holidays just become a bit meh in student world and I think there’s two ends of the spectrum here:

1) You’re so used to not waking up early and not working all day that a bank holiday really is nothing special.

2) You’re so stressed out of your brains with upcoming deadlines and exams that it actually doesn’t matter one bit that the rest of the country won’t be working, because you are sure hell have a lot to do.

So, we have Christmas, which I’m not really counting because Christmas is exciting no matter what stage of your life you’re in. We also have August bank holiday weekend, where in student land, you’re halfway through a sometimes 4 month long break and the fact it’s a bank holiday makes no difference at all. Then we have the dreaded Spring bank holidays, which fall in the dreaded 2nd category. These are the bank holidays usually missed (in at least my) student land, thanks to the loom of exams, deadlines and impending adulthood. These are also the bank holidays where parents are usually obsessed with the garden and can’t understand either why you’re not willing to help them or why you don’t want to enjoy the sun and not quite understanding that it’s not so easy to switch off when you literally have you literally feel the stress of your whole future in the work you’re doing then.

Fast-forward a year however, as a legit working-woman having experienced my first non Christmas bank holiday and OHMYGOSH is it the best thing ever. I seriously didn’t get it before, but now I work, I understand, and it’s incredible. I spent the whole month before Easter looking forward to the long weekend, day-dreaming about how I’d utilise that downtime. When the big 4-day weekend finally hit, I drove down to south Wales, so excited that the traffic didn’t even bother me. I then spent the weekend walking, spending time with family and for the first time since before GCSE years, enjoying the fact that the rest of the country wasn’t working as well!

I can now call my Mum and discuss our equally relaxing bank holiday plans, enjoy the slightly shorter week but also complain that it feels longer with the day missing. My eyes have most definitely been opened, made even better by the fact that I have money to do fun stuff in my down time now!

So, is being a student less stressful than having to work? Most definitely yes. But, does work make holidays that much sweeter? Oh so much and to celebrate this not so spoken about rite of passage into working life, here’s some photos from my Easter weekend…


Who else agrees with me that bank holidays miss students by? Anyone else love the much-needed long weekend last weekend? How do you like to spend bank holidays?

Let me know!



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