Canada Diaries part 1 – Vancouver Island

So, I recently got back from the most incredible trip to Canada and have been dying to share my experiences. As we did so much (I definitely needed a holiday after my holiday…) I thought I’d break the blog posts down into different entries on where we travelled to; Vancouver island, Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Deep Cove.

After a very rainy first day in Canada, where the struggle to stay awake was too real, day 2 came around and we were ready to set off on a 3-day adventure to Victoria, on Vancouver island.

I have to admit, due to our lack of a car, Victoria was a bit of a trek to get to – with an hour and a half on buses either side of the hour and a half ferry journey. However, with thanks to jetlag this time, our bodies really didn’t mind the 5am start and the views on the ferry were definitely enough to wake us up.


We stayed in the HI Victoria hostel, and with free breakfast and partition walls in the dorm, it was definitely one of the better hostels I’ve stayed in. We started out by heading to the Royal BC museum, and despite not being overly excited about this (who flies however many miles over the ocean to go to a museum?!), I actually really enjoyed it. The museum was probably the best I’ve been too, with mimic streets inside, you felt like you were walking through time, and I really appreciated learning about some of Canada’s history, which I honestly knew nothing about.

We then walked down to Fishermans Wharf in search of seals, and we weren’t disappointed. I think it’s fair to say that the seals definitely know where their food comes from, but having never seen a wild seal, I was beyond excited. I could’ve honestly spent hours just watching them show off.

The next day we headed on a campervan style bus to hike up one of the gold mine trails, ending at a massive trestle that you could walk across. I’ve never been massively afraid of heights, but i did question that walking across this, especially towards the middle where the gaps got larger and the thoughts of what was below unavoidable.

Fear of heights aside, this is where we met the ultimate ‘insta-husband,’ who asked if he wanted him to take a good insta of us and a whole photo shoot followed.


After spending the past two days umming and ahhing about going whale watching (mostly due to the enormous cost and my concerns over whether it harms the whales), we took the plunge and booked our tickets for an afternoon slot on our last day. Not wanting to waste anytime doing nothing in the morning, we hiked up to an incredible viewpoint overlooking some of the island and the mountains beyond.


Whale watching made me surprisingly anxious, mostly that we wouldn’t see anything and that we’d wasted our time and money. However, with this area being a true whale hotspot, we had a good chance, and were honoured to share the ocean with two humpback whales. Absolute. Life. Made.

Not only that, but some porpoises decided to show off playing in our wash and we got to see more seals! I do still have reservations about the effect that boats have on the whales, but was surprised at the respect all of the boats had for them and the fact it didn’t feel like a chase. Our guide was incredibly respectful and obviously loved the ocean, picking up plastic and educating us about all the animals he could see.

After 3 fun-packed days, we made it back to Vancouver shortly before midnight, after watching the sun-set of the ferry home. I was exhausted, but loving life, and excited for the next adventure of our trip.

Until next time.



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