Canada Diaries part 2 – Whistler

So after a brief spout of summer in the UK, the rain has begun again, and I’m back to having holiday blues, which means it’s probably time for another Canada reminisce.

After our adventure in Vancouver Island, we hired a car and travelled up to Squamish and Whistler for a few days. Being under 25, hiring a car was definitely the pricier option, but the freedom we got with it most certainly made it worth it. After getting over driving an automatic car on the wrong side of the road for the very first time, it was time to appreciate the beautiful scenery, and beautiful it was.

We stopped off at a few waterfalls and bridges en route, before deciding to drive up to Alexander Falls for some lunch, which greeted us with the most exciting part of our trip so far… BEARS! We very excitedly pulled over and took about 100 photos from the safety of our car, but then got so scared at all the bears around that we barely got out at Alexander Falls and drove back down to the highway again…

After the excitement of bears, and obviously not thinking our adrenaline was high enough, we ventured up a dirt road, which was much steeper and longer than my driving skills could handle, to find a lake in a volcanic crater, and oh my was it worth it. After the stress of the drive and the heat of the walk, jumping into the lake in such a beautiful setting was all I wanted.


(Disclaimer time though, we spent a good 20 minutes getting even this far across the log, getting scared of how wobbly it was. As soon as we left, a less than 5-year-old child came running along across it to the pontoon at the end in no time at all.)

Onto Whistler itself which I fell in love with. It reminded me of the Alps, but better, especially with all of the winter Olympics memorabilia.


The only regret is that we ended up coming in an awkward time when the surrounding mountains had just closed for winter but not yet open for summer. Nevertheless, I loved just wondering out, taking it all in and loving exploring all the lakes and trails around. We stayed in a ski lodge which was super cosy and homely, but the getting in system was a bit weird and I ended up being locked out with an actual bear about 10 feet away from me on-foot… Naturally the bear wasn’t bothered at all, but I was freaking out, and definitely gave the Canadian who ran the lodge a good laugh at my overreaction when he let me in.

That’s it from me again, can’t wait to share our adventures from Squamish next time!



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