I’m in Mexico!

This time last week I was feeling godawful off the back of an 11 flight to Mexico City, and faced with another few hours of travelling to Cuernavaca. But, since said travels have transported me to sunshine, I can hardly complain. Mexico is actually one of my favourite places to visit, and there is a … More I’m in Mexico!

Two days in Berlin

Back when the Beast from the East was literally grinding the UK to a halt, me and my friends had our fingers crossed that our trip to Berlin for the weekend wouldn’t be affected. Thankfully for the 3 of us flying from Manchester, we got to Berlin with no problems (not counting the very dodgy … More Two days in Berlin

The best December

We might be in a New Year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for a cheeky December post does it? Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Christmas, which means that I have 0 time for anything other than festive fun and have only just got round to writing up this blog post. Seriously … More The best December